Introducing Very Good Finances

Hello World!

If you’re unsure what exactly gets posted here, or why, start here.

I’m building a tool for improving financial habits. The short of it is - this is a development diary, where I will post about the related product, technical, and marketing challenges.


I don’t intend to build another budget app or a specialized spreadsheet. Nor an expense tracker. I aim to go further - beyond the purely technical.

The goal is to help form better financial habits and then stick to them.

It’s an ambitious goal, and a lot goes into that.

  • First of all, there’s research. What constitutes good financial habits? How to help people stick with their goals?
  • Second of all, it is also a technical challenge. The product needs to be built and work without issues;
  • Finally, once something is up and running, should I be the only user? How do I find other users and convince them to try it?

Rationale for writing

This is a side project. I have to find time for it amidst working a full-time job and spending time with my family. The time I spend on this project needs to count.

Writing about it publicly should help me think more clearly, and be more accountable. It might even attract like-minded individuals to exchange ideas.

And, if nothing else, at least I will get better at writing.

Where to start

I haven’t published any other articles yet. As I publish them, I will update this section with links to the ones that are good starters.

Also, you can find me on Twitter, sign-up to receive updates by e-mail, or subscribe to the Upcoming Products page on Product Hunt.